Packers vs. Lions: The Fallout

Usually on spaces such as these, the writer will spill facts and stats all over the page. sure, I could do that. I could tell you about Mason Crosby leaving 13 points on the field by missing four field goals and an extra point attempt. I could tell you Aaron Rodgers balled out to the tune of 442 yards passing and 3 touchdowns. I could describe how Devante Adams fought through a troublesome calf injury to haul in 9 catches for 143 yards and a touchdown. I’ll spill facts about the rookie receivers and their triumphs/failures. This would all be great, but I’d be doing you all a disservice.

Those facts and stats would make you believe the Green Bay Packers won the game against the Detroit Lions, but they didn’t. Those stats (even though they happened) are deceiving. They don’t tell the actual story.

The actual story in this 31-23 loss (and pretty the entire season to this point) is how the Packers are not good. This isn’t a case of a problem with one unit, it’s everyone. Aaron Rodgers hasn’t been sharp at all. One could look at his numbers and scratch their head at my statement. (And that will probably happen.) You must look at the tape. All season long Rodgers has been under and over throwing receivers. Rodgers has been ignoring checkdown throws in favor of deep ones. This is a problem. Mike McCarthy has continuosly shunned the run game, when it has been productive. (Packers fans will scream at you about him shunning Aaron Jones in particular.) For a guy who screams about balance, his playcalling to obtain said balance doesn’t reflect the desire. This is a problem. Special teams has not been so special. The allowance of long returns to opposing teams and the failure to execute is glaring. (Culminated by Crosby’s meltdown Sunday afternoon.) The defense continues their trend of a troublesome pass defense (with questionable decision making) and a virtually non-existent pass rush. (Don’t let the numbers from the Buffalo game fool you.) Pit all of this together and you have a recipe for another disatourous season for the green and gold. And yes, this is even with Rodgers at the helm. (Packers are 2-5-1 in their last 8 games. Rodgers has played in 6 of those contests.)

It is easy to point the finger (especially fans) on who is responsible. The most difficult thing to exercise in sports, is patience. (especially fans) The season seems so long, yet it seems to fly by. The Packers have 11 more opportunities to right this ship. The club isn’t giving ul on the season, or each other. The scene of Rodgers embracing Crosby after his rough day is evidence of that. (As is McCarthy’s decision to put Crosby out there for a fifth, and successful, field goal attempt.)

Despite all the turmoil, the Packers are still second the NFC North with a 2-2-1 record. This team has all the tools to get better. Them utilizing these tools and playing up to their potential is a different story.

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