NLDS Game 3: Brewers Still Feasting

“This team has been feasting for over a month, but they’re still hungry.” Image via USA Today.

There’s one thing to say you’re hungry for success, but it’s a completely different thing to turn that hunger into actual success. The Milwaukee Brewers under Craig Counsell tutelage have shown a consistent hunger for success, and are now showing consistent success.

The Brewers swept the Colorado Rockies yesterday, clinching an NLDS series win and a spot in the NLCS. This ball club has done it in dominating fashion that is a shock the rest of the nation. Not the Brewers or their fans.

Counsell and GM David Stearns have combined to create a forward-thinking, cohesive brain trust. Their efforts and attitude have soread throughtout the entire franchise. You aee this clearly through their play, the acquisitions, the words they speak, and how they carry themselves.

If you think the Crew is just happy to be here, you’d be wrong. During their series clinching celebration last night, the team mentioned it being the third of five celebrations. They know there is still work to do and they aren’t afraid to do it. This team has been feasting for over a month, but they’re still hungry.

Another meal awaits, as the Brewers will begin the NLCS, at Miller Park, this Friday.

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