TO:SS Tristain On: Sports Show Episode 123 Once again it’s on! That fresh heat known as TO:SS, is back! This week: With all the injuries, do we really know what this team is? T-Squared tries to dissesct and answer this question, as he looks at the Milwaukee at the half. It’s time to play some TO:SS! All-new TO:SS! Podlink Spotify Deezer…

TO:SS Tristain On: Sports Show Episode 122

Once again it’s on! For the first time in 2023, fresh heat is coming straight out of the kitchen! TO:SS is back! This week: T-Squared packs up the Green Bay Packers, in the Season Wrap. The good, the bad, the exhausting. We’ll discuss it all. It’s time to #playsometoss! All-new TO:SS! Spotify Apple Podcasts Stitcher…

TO:SS Tristain On: Sports Show Episode 121

Once again it’s on! The long-awaited, fresh heat, known as TO:SS is back! This week: The Milwaukee Bucks are good and could get even better. The Wisconsin Badgers get a new head football coach. The Green Bay Packers season has been pretty miserable and Tristain sees changes being made at the conclusion. The TO:SS Sweep…

TO:SS Tristain On: Sports Show Episode 120

Once again it’s on! Straight from the kitchen comes that fresh heat known as TO:SS! This week: The Green Bay Packers are in disarray. Don’t believe me? Then let a player tell you as such in his own words. The Milwaukee Bucks are looking good after one week of action, but they have an early…


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