IMG_2976Truthful. Opinionated. Passionate. These are the values in which Tristain Thomas lives and pours into his sports coverage. Thomas is a budding star in various mediums of sports commentary. His weekly podcast TO:SS: The Tristain On: Sports Show has earned the ears of many around the world. His appearances on Spectrum Sports Wisconsin’s The Roundtable have earned him critical acclaim and the respect of sports journalism legends including the show’s host, Dennis Krause. Thomas’s bi-weekly editorial Squared Logic has become must read material for sports fans, for its unflinching honesty and wit. Quick TO:SS is a series of videos, hitting a notable sports topic, like only Tristain can.Thomas also co-hosts the weekly Blog Talk Radio show, Home Court Sports, which has garnered a worldwide audience for its mix of debate, music, and life.

TO:SS Nation Sports Media is the home of the TO:SS Sports Brand. TO:SS: The Tristain On: Sports Show, Quick TO:SS, and Squared Logic:The Blog can all be found here. If it’s truthful, opinionated, and passionate, it must be TO:SS! Welcome to the sports mind of Tristain Thomas. Welcome to TO:SS Nation Sports Media!