Packers vs. Washington: The Fallout

“Everyone had a hand in this sloppy mess. Everyone.” Photo via Packers Twitter (@packers)

Last week on Quick TO:SS on IGTV , I predicted the Packers would win this ballgame in convincing fashion. I felt it wouldn’t be a layup, but I thought the Packers would put it all together, eventually, and win that game. Oh how wrong I was.

Instead it was Washington who imposed their will early, and never looked back. Washington won that game and they deserved it. The trouble I predicted that could come with Adrian Peterson getting going, happened. Taking a veteran quarterback in Alex Smith lightly and having it come back to bite you, happened. That wasn’t all that happened.

The Packers played their sloppiest game of the young season. Penalties (included another horrendus roughing the passer call made by officials on Clay Matthews, AGAIN!) plagued Green Bay all day. (11 for 115 yards) The defense was trucked in the first half, giving up 28 points. I’d love to tell you they were better in the second half, bit it wouldn’t be completely true. The Packers defense only gave up three points in the second half, but Washington was content on running the ball, with a big lead, on a rainy day.

The offense wasn’t much better. Aaron Rodgers hobbled his way to a 27-for-44, 286 yard, 2 TD day. He underthrew Randall Cobb in the endzone, when he had a wide open Jimmy Graham for a first and goal. (inexcusable) Rodgers was failed by his receivers as well. Dropped passes were in fashion on Sunday for this Packers receiving crew. Cobb dropped two, including one on a critical 4th down play that would have made it a one score game, late in the fourth quarter. Devante Adams wants national respect, but dropping passes isn’t the kind of attention he wants. (Especially as this has plagued him early in his career.) Lance Kendricks was too busy looking at a defender when he dropped a potential long reception. (*facepalm*)

Everyone had a hand in this sloppy mess. Everyone. Penalties, slow starts, and dropped passes have been the story in this 1-1-1 start to the season. Needless to say, the Packers have a lot of cleaning up to do.

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