Packers vs. Vikings: The Fallout

Devante Adams makes Barr miss
“This isn’t the outcome anyone predicted, but it’s the one the refs saddled us all with.” Photo via Packers Twitter. (@packers)

On last Friday’s Quick TO:SS on IGTV I (fearlessly) predicted a 24-21 win for the Green Bay Packers over the Minnesota Vikings. I just felt something in my gut the Packers could win this game. (Despite what many other factors told me.) It was shaping up to be just that. (To many Vikings fans chagrin.) Then… the officiating happened and left no one truly satisfied. A tie. A damn tie. 29-29.

Some will argue the Packers (and Vikings) had their chances to win this game, despite the wretched officiating. It’s hard to argue with that sentiment. The thing is, the Packers were hit hampered by these blown calls, far more than the Vikings were. Let’s review, shall we;

The Vikings had a terrible roughing the passer call on them. Let’s be fair about that. A bad call is a bad call. A bad (borderline) offensive pass interference call on Devante Adams, took away a key first down. A completely blown missed call of pass interference against the Vikings on a potential long reception on Jimmy Graham. A ticky-tack (again borderline) holding call against Lane Taylor, on a Jimmy Graham touchdown.  The most egregious call of them all was the roughing the passer call against Clay Matthews. That call single handily cost the Packers half a win. Jaire Alexander intercepted Kirk Cousins’ pass on that play with 1:37 remaining in the 4th quarter. The game is over. Packers salt it away with that pick. Instead, the officials give new life to the Vikings, who were able to march down the field, get a touchdown and two-point conversion, to tie the game. Both teams had chances, but ultimately the officials decided to interject and decide this game for the players.

This isn’t the outcome anyone predicted, but it’s the one the refs saddled us all with. Make no mistake about it, this tie will loom largely when it comes to deciding this division. (Much the way it did the last time these two teams tied.) It’s not a loss, but the players and their reactions say differently. The NFL has a problem on it’s hands, but they will sit on them and change nothing. No game should be decided by a yellow flag and a misrepresentation of a rule, but that’s what happened.

The Packers must learn from this and not put themselves in a position where officiating changes the game for them. They get that chance in Washington and I look for a much different outcome. (One would hope.)

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