NBA Playoffs: Bucks vs Celtics Game 6

Backs were against the wall for the Milwaukee Bucks. Faced with elimination and the possibility of closing the Bradley Center with yet another disappointment in a game 6, the Bucks came out fighting.

Giannis, who only took 10 shots in a game 5 loss, was far more aggressive. Giannis put up 31 points and 14 rebounds, and at times seemed unstoppable. Dropping and stymieing opponents with euro-steps and uncanny length. Boston simply had no answers.

Khris Middleton was a tad more quiet points wise putting up 16, but they were big points. His defense also cannot be ignored. He does the tough work on that side of the ball and did so in game 6.

Other guys who needed to play well, did. Brogdon bounced back from a lackluster game 5 performance to chip in 16 points, including a momentum shifting three when Boston was on a run. Jabari Parker didn’t have a huge game, (9 points and 11 rebounds) but his impact on the boards and defensively were a heavy factor on this game.

Now comes game 7, where everyone is in the same boat. Win or go home. The same contributions the Bucks get at home, need to be garnered on the road. Bucks can’t allow Boston’s young guys get any rhythm or confidence shooting the ball. Bucks can’t allow Boston’s crowd to get into it. Bucks need Eric Bledsoe to outplay Terry Rozier in Boston for a change. Every Buck that gets a tick of time, must show up.

Game 7, no two more pressure packed words in sports. Milwaukee must buck that pressure and execute if they truly want to survive and advance.

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