NBA Playoffs: Bucks vs Celtics Game 5

Giannis flirted with a triple-double, but missed opportunities cost the Bucks Game 5.

The Bucks world was still buzzing about the results of games 3 & 4. They were dominant performances that had most believing game 6 could and would be the same. Until it wasn’t.

The Bucks lost to the Boston Celtics, 92-87. The Celtics now hold a 3-2 lead in this best-of- seven series. For me, this game was maddening for the simplest of reasons. Decision making.

Giannis flirted with a triple-double in game 5. (16 points, 10 rebounds, 9 assists) The decision to only take 10 shots bothers me. The decision to not be more aggressive going to the basket, bothers me. Your superstar must get more than 10 shots and show more aggressiveness, in game that was decided by 5 points.

Tony Snell continues to be the invisible man on offense. (0/5 from the field, all threes.) The decision to keep passing him the ball for wide open shots that he continues to clang, when this has been the result since the all-star break, bothers me.

Bucks were down double-digit points. Guys who emerged in games 3 & 4 (Maker, Dellavedova) were non-factors. Bucks head coach Joe Prunty needed a shot of offense, so he inserted Shabazz Muhammed into the game. It paid dividends at first. Shabazz dropped 11 points in six minutes. Prunty went back to that well and it did not work. Shabazz began forcing shots as opposed to using the attention he was attracting from the defense, to get his team better shots. This bothered me.

The iron was unkind to Bucks overall. Milwaukee shot just 36.8% from the field  (32/87) and just 27.3% (9/33) from distance. All the while holding Boston to just 42% shooting. They made life for Tatum, Brown, Morris, and Rozier, difficult. Defense wasn’t the the problem for the Bucks in this game. Missed opportunities offensively cost the Bucks this game.This bothered me.

I could sit here and blame the officiating, for the myriad of missed calls. (Including an egregious missed call on a shot-clock violation by the Celtics.) Then I wouldn’t be honest with you or myself. The game was right there for the Bucks to take. A few more shots fall, Bucks win. A bit more aggressiveness from Giannis, Bucks win. More ball and player movement offensively, the Bucks win.

So now it’s back to the BMO Harris Bradley Center for game 6. Bucks fans are hoping this won’t be the last game in this building’s history. Bucks backs are truly against the wall. It’s win or go home time. A cornered animal is supposed to be the most dangerous. It’s time to show the world why they should Fear The Deer.

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