Milwaukee Bucks: No Deer to Fear

The Milwaukee Bucks looked listless and inferior, even before losing Giannis to an ankle injury in the second quarter, in their 127-120 loss to the L.A. Clippers. Image via Bucks Twitter. (@Bucks)

Oof! That was the sound of the Milwaukee Bucks falling flat on their faces in yet another game. Ouch! That is the sound of the Bucks being snake bitten with yet another injury. What in the hell is going on here?!

The Bucks’ injuries, coaching, and roster deficiencies have caught up to them. Over their last ten games, Milwaukee is 4-6. And all but one of those four victories, did they escape by the skin of their teeth. They simply don’t have a fire about them.

Yes this team get Brogdon and Delly back soon. It could solidify the bench and rotation. If you’re losing Giannis for a significant period of time, does it really matter? Will you be competitive? Jabari played the most minutes and scored the most points in a game since his return. He’s getting lathered up, but does that equal wins?

I’m not a guy who presses the panic button, but this Bucks product has the look and feel of a team that is running out the clock. Wanting to get to next season with a healthy team, new arena, and new head coach. (Let’s be real, Prunty isn’t keeping this job.)

This is the time teams are building momentum heading into the playoffs. The Bucks clearly aren’t doing that and it extends past the ten game stretch I mentioned earlier. At this rate you can cancel “Fear the Deer” season, because I see no deer to fear.

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