NCAA: T2’s Bracket of Destiny

It’s been a year since we all experienced March sadness. Brackets busted (for most) in the first few games of the tournament. Fear not, your main man has got your back. T2’s Bracket of Destiny is back and ready for greatness!

Take a look and follow along. Get your brackets right and win like yours truly!

I believe this is a year where literally, everyone can truly be beaten. I also believe not all number 1 seeds will make the Final Four. Something in my gut tells me this year’s tourney is going to be upset ridden. (We all hope for that kind of chaos honestly.)

I’m rolling with the Virginia Cavaliers as my National Champions. They’ve been the best team all year, their defense is damn near impenetrable, and they are efficient offensively. They do go through their droughts, but they find a way to win. This is by far Tony Bennett’s best team. Since the Badgers, Golden Eagles, Phoenix, and Panthers aren’t dancing (March sadness right there.) I’m hoping to see a Wisconsin bred guy pull it off.

Remember folks, don’t get mad at the person who wins your office pool by picking the team with the best mascot to win games. Broken clocks are right at least two times a day. Let them be great and have fun!

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