Super Bowl LII: Fly Eagles Fly

Nick Foles hoists the Lombardi Trophy following a Philadelphia Eagles victory in Super Bowl LII. Image via Rob Carr, Getty Images.

We have all seen this story before. The New England Patriots winning the AFC Championship to face whatever sacrificial lamb the NFC would produce. (Except the Giants) The Patriots putting over their opponents with compliments of how great of a team they are and difficult the game will be. We’ve seen the story before, but the ending is one we’ve never seen before. The ending is one the Philadelphia Eagles have never seen.

The Eagles are World Champions of Football after their 41-33 victory in Super Bowl LII. This game called for a true team effort and some onions from their head coach, Doug Pederson, with his play calling down the stretch. (In particular, the decision to try and convert a 4th down with minutes to go and a 5 point lead.)

For as much as the Patriots tout a “team first” attitude, the Eagles were the ones who had to display it all season. Losing their all world tackle earlier in the season, then losing their all world quarterback, Carson Wentz (Who should have been NFL MVP.) and having to rely on Nick Foles to take them the rest of the way. (Which I’m on the record saying he could.) They’ve had to overcome far more than the Patriots ever have. (Despite how heroic certain media outlets wanted you to believe Tom Brady was, for playing with a cut hand that had been healed for at least a week.)

I’m in no way an Eagles fan, but I respect their journey and they way they played with no fear versus the Patriots. I respect Nick Foles for not giving up on his dreams. I respect Malcolm Jenkins and Chris Long for being socially conscious and proving doing so does not impede a team from becoming champions.

We’ve seen this story before, but the ending was one that almost all of us can be satisfied with.

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