Bucks: Let’s take a moment…

Giannis drains a pull up jumper. Part of a 27 point, 20 rebound performance, as the Bucks beat the Washington Wizards Monday afternoon in DC. Image via Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

The Milwaukee Bucks won in DC yesterday, in an MLK Day matinee. Giannis was stellar, (as always) recording his first ever 20-20 game. (27 points/ 20 rebounds) The Bucks defense was able to close this game out. This game wasn’t without its usual offensive drought and defensive failures. This season has seen the seat of head coach Jason Kidd go from hot, to blazing. This team simply hasn’t progressed in year four. The Bucks (at the time of this writing) are barely clinging on to a playoff spot. There is as much to be encouraged about as there is to be pissed off about. But let’s all take a moment to think.

Bucks fans all over the world want Kidd gone. I’m on the record as saying he should go after the season. I believe he has this team, right now, at the point they were four years ago. Not where you want to be if your goal is to bring a Larry O’Brien trophy to Milwaukee. Bucks fans want progression, as do I. There hasn’t been any. Some will argue Giannis’s leap into superstardom counts as progression. It doesn’t. Especially when the win/loss record is exactly the same as it has been for three out of the four seasons under Kidd’s tutelage. As I said before, there is much to be pissed off about.

Yesterday, I took a different approach to watching the game. What did I do differently? I accepted it. I accept the Bucks for who they are right now and will wait to see what they will be once Jabari Parker comes back in a few weeks. Bucks are a wildly inconsistent team due to the sham of a defensive system and an offensive system that lacks creativity. The players are not perfect and make mistakes, so don’t think I’m letting them off the hook. They are as much a part of the frenetic inconsistencies as Kidd and his coaching staff are, but at some point folks have to realize this is the product you’re getting this season. At some point folks have to accept it and enjoy it.

I’m in no way saying accept mediocrity. I myself have endured 30 years of mediocre Bucks basketball. It is time for Bucks fans to hold this franchise to a higher standard. It’s year four of Kidd’s tenure and they aren’t better together as a team. It’s all cause for concern. I am saying accept what it is right now. There is no change in coaching direction imminent. Jabari will be back soon. This team as currently constructed (and coached) is no better than 2-3 games above .500. These are the truths of this team. The sooner you accept it, the sooner you can begin to enjoy watching Bucks basketball again.

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