From no fight to super fight 

On Monday, the fight no one thought would happen became official. Mayweather versus McGregor is on and it is a super fight. Image via Floyd Mayweather Instagram.

In May of 2016, I heard whispers of a potential matchup. A few months later those whispers became rumblings. Now in June 2017, a super fight has materialized. The matchup between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor is on and it is indeed a super fight. The boxing world and MMA world are about to collide in a way we have never seen before. So what makes this fight intriguing? 

The marketing and trash talk that is about to occur between now and August 26th is going to be entertaining. McGregor has shown his prowess for the art of trash talk. He has already been hurling barbs at Mayweather for months. Just take a look at the picture he tweeted to formally announce the fight was on. Mayweather may not be as outlandish with his trash talk, but don’t think he slacks in that category either. The chiding amongst these two will be a factor in talking people into the building and PPV buys. 

The clash in styles is intriguing. We know what Mayweather brings to the table. Impregnable defense, great counter punching, and a high boxing IQ. It’s brought him to an undefeated record at 49-0 and allowed him to stake claim to the title of “TBE”. (The Best Ever) McGregor is a different story. We know what he brings to the Octagon of UFC. Decent punching power, smooth movements, capable grappler, and stiff kicks that’ll lock up your hamstrings. Thing is, he won’t be able to bring anything other than his punching power and smooth moment to the boxing ring. He is the wildcard in this fight. We don’t know what boxing style he will bring to the table. This adds another layer of intrigue to this fight. 

I hear the chatter, there are many saying this fight will be terrible. Many are saying they won’t watch this fight. Hell, you had Max Kellerman of ESPN’s First Take, say not only will McGregor lose this fight, but he won’t land a single punch. (Really Max?! Name a fight where an opponent didn’t land a punch. Stop it!) These people are lying to themselves. It is an event the promoters and combatants have over two months to hype the public up over and they will succeed. (Guaranteed the people who said all of that will be at their local BWW watching this fight.) 

Two of the biggest stars in combat sports, from different disciplines are about to fight. Two of the most success obsesssd people in the are about to fight. Settle all that talk in the ring. These two are at the top of their crafts, that alone will makes this a super fight and the world WILL be watching. 

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