Don’t forget about The Crew 

At 31-28, the Brewers are in first place in the NL Central and deserve our attention. Image via Uni Watch

Baseball season is the ultimate marathon. I personally think these guys are crazy. It takes a special person to play 162 games. (More if you factor in postseason.) I believe it’s a big reason people feel they turn a blind eye to it until late in the season. Especially Brewers fans. This time of year people are used to the Bucks being out of the playoffs (or not making it at all), the NBA Finals winding down (might be sooner rather than later this year), and there being a dead spot between that ending and Packers training camp beginning. (Which most around these parts are waiting for.) Thing is, the Crew is refusing to be ignored. They are a first place squad. You read that right, first place. So why does it feel like they’re being ignored?

It could be the legacy of mediocrity that’s been seen with this club in years past. Whether it be the Seligs or Attanasio, the Brewers haven’t had much success on the field. (Fan engagement and attendance under Attanasio has been top notch.) Ultimately the results on the field are the determining factor of attention. (Despite many in this state claiming the tailgating is the biggest factor.) 

It could be fear. The fear of the Brewers collapsing right out of the postseason like they did in 2014. It was heartbreaking to watch. 100+ days in first place and a division lead squandered over the last few weeks of the regular season, leaving the Crew on the outside looking in. It’s for reasons like this casual fans of the Brewers don’t trust them. 

It could be all of this. Thing is, the Brewers, much like the Bucks, have committed to a complete rebuilding of their organization from the top down. Brewers GM Davis Stearns has pushed all the right buttons in this rebuild so far. Folks, this is year two of that rebuild and the Crew is in first place in the NL Central. A division that boasts the World Series Champion Cubs, and a perineal power in the Cardinals. Not only is this a surprise, but it should be welcomed by the masses. To be competitive in a rebuild is no small feat. 

So I urge everyone, give these guys a chance. They are a fun crew to watch and should provide excitement all summer long and, if all goes right, into the fall. Don’t forget about The Crew. 

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