Steph Curry notched a triple-double in Game 2 of the NBA Finals. Then he “allegedly” took a nap. Sums up the excitement of this Finals. Image via SB Nation.

We all wanted this. We all wanted this trilogy. We knew this was the inevitable matchup all would receive in this year’s NBA Finals. A season long collision course of the two best teams is the meal we ordered. Except, we all hoped it would come with a side of excitement. Instead, it’s full of tryptophan and it’s making us all fall asleep. Now, some are regretting this choice. 

I was asked last week on Home Court Sports (Which you can listen to Wednesdays @ 7pm CT on Blog Talk Radio.) whether or not this series could be a sweep for either team. To which I answered, yes. I said if a team comes out more dominant than the other, it absolutely could be a sweep, and it would be devastating for hoops fans worldwide. (Outside of the fan bases of these teams that is.) This has the looks of a sweep for multiple reasons. 

One; Golden State’s X factor has been bigger  than Cleveland’s. Kevin Durant has simply been too much to handle and has had more impact than Kyrie Irving. Now if you recall, I said these two would be the deciding factors if all else goes right. Which brings me to point number two; Everything hasn’t gone right for the Cavs. Game one saw them turn the ball over far too much and miss easy shots. Game two the Cavs played much better, but still could not solve the riddle that is Kevin Durant. Having the likes of Kyrie and Tristan Thompson guard KD one-on-one, with failed help defense, gets you blown out quickly. Point number three; The Cavaliers’s role players and bench has done diddly poo offensively. (You’re reading that in Jim Mora’s voice, I know it!) JR Smith has made one shot through two games, Shumpert hasn’t been much better, Korver found his stroke a bit in game 2 but still not where it needs to be, and Richard Jefferson should have retired on top last season. 

Yes its only been two games, and yes the Cavs were down 2-0 in last season’s finals. Thing is, that Warriors squad didn’t have KD. He has changed the entire complection of this series and may prove to be (what I said he may be on Home Court Sports) the final piece to a Warriors championship. Some feel the Warriors didn’t need Durant to win. I say have the Warriors ever beaten a healthy Cavs squad in the Finals? No. (Even after being up 3-1 they couldn’t do it.) Think about this; The Warriors had to get a former MVP who’s won 4 scoring titles and is a top 5 player in the league, add him to a team that has won the most games over the last three seasons, to beat LeBron James. 

The series is far from over. Again, the Warriors were up 2-0 last season as well. Given what Cleveland has shown so far in this NBA Finals, it certainly feels like it’s over. Maybe I’m a fool, but I’m holding onto hope. I’m hoping those sides of excitement and epic will be coming out the kitchen soon. Because if it doesn’t, the NBA is going to have a lot of explaining to do on this snooze fest of a regular season, playoffs, and Finals. Answers they do not have. Much like the Cavs right now. 

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