NFL: Jets versus Packers: The Fallout

The offense Green Bay displayed against the Jets, resembled that of the 50s. Appropriate they wore the uniforms to match.

If you thought Green Bay’s loss to the New York Giants was stunning, their 27-10 loss to the New York Jets was flabbergasting.

All the credit in the world to the “Baby Jets.” They came in and were not just scrappy as I said they would be on Quick TO:SS, they were dominant. They won the battle in the trenches and took advantage of the big play opportunities offensively, to win the game.

As much credit I give to the Jets, Green Bay is culpable, in all 3 phases, for this putrid display.

Special teams did have a shining moment with a blocked field goal and recovery, but allowed a blocked punt for a touchdown, well as a blocked field goal. Not so special.

The Packers defense is about the only unit you can say anything remotely positive… at least for a half. After holding New York to 3 points in the first half, defensive coordinator Joe Barry, decided adjustments weren’t really needed and the flood gates opened. Green Bay allowed 17 points defensively and couldn’t stop a nose bleed. A far cry from the physical first half they out on display.

Then, there’s the offense. An offense that’s putting up 19.4 points per game. An offense that’s bringing back the same concerns folks had when Matt LaFleur was named head coach. You know, the paltry ppg numbers he brought to the table as former offensive coordinator of the Los Angeles Rams and Tennessee Titans.

Those concerns come back with the volume on high after this disgusting performance. Not only that, but his playcalling continues to be frustrating.

This team is constructed to run the football and play good defense. You have two factor backs in Aaron Jones and A.J. Dillon who should be getting at least 15 carries apiece, weekly. While Dillon got a robust (sarcasm) 10 carries, Jones was once again shunned with only nine. LaFleur and Aaron Rodgers, decided to dial up 41 passing attempts. Yes, for the second straight week and the second straight loss, the Packers running backs ran the ball only 19 times and once again chucked it over 30. And don’t you dare try to throw up “game script” as an excuse.

It’s only Week 6, the Packers are now a .500 ball club, but I’m not declaring the season over yet. There’s just too much football left to do so. But based on what they’ve put forth, there’s really no signs they’ll be able to significantly turn it around. They’ll look for a spark against an equally offensively punchless Washington Commanders squad, next Sunday.

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