Packers versus Bears: The Fallout

Bears owner, Aaron Rodgers, celebrates his game sealing touchdown scamper, in a 24-14 Packers victory. Image via Packers Twitter. (@packers)

The Green Bay Packers entered Bears week, focused. It didn’t matter if things were going well prior to this week, they knew they would be in for a fight. It was a fight they won, 24-14

Packers head coach, Matt LaFleur, knew the fight they were going into, calling the Chicago’s defense the best defense they’ll have faced this season. As I mentioned on Quick TO:SS, I agree. The young offensive line for the Green Bay would have their hands full, yet again, with a stout defensive front.

Of his first four drop backs, Aaron Rodgers was sacked twice. Chicago brought the pressure with Robert Quinn and Khalil Mack, and were getting home early. The Bears defense made life miserable for Garren Bay’s offense the first couple of drives, but the Packers eventually solved the riddle.

A steady dose of the run game, which produced 154 yards and a touchdown, helped to wear down that defensive front and allowed shots downfield, with good success.

After being a bit shaky to start the game, Green Bay’s defense knuckled up and had a steady game. They allowed only 277 yards of total offense and forced (not really, it was an awful throw by Justin Fields into the end zone) the only turnover of the game.

It’s always good to beat the Bears. Doesn’t matter the record or the situation, beating a rival is satisfying. Add the divisional aspect to it, and it’s all the more important to bring and finish the fight in these games.

There can’t be any complacency. Green Bay will be in for yet another fight next week, at home, against the Washington Football Team. A squad that played Kansas City tough, before succumbing to that offensive avalanche. The Packers need to come in focused or get got.

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