Packers vs. Steelers: The Fallout

Randall Cobb is all smiles after a 2 touchdown day, in a 27-17 Packers victory. Image via Packers Instagram. (@packers)

The Green Bay Packers did exactly what they should have: took care of business against a struggling Pittsburgh Steelers squad.

The Steelers came out on fire to start the game, burning lockdown corner Jaire Alexander, for a long touchdown pass play to go up 7-0. That’s where the fire would end, as the Packers woke up and extinguished Pittsburgh, 27-17.

The young offensive line of the Packers, did a good job, yet again. They provided excellent protection for Aaron Rodgers and continuously opened holes for Green Bay running backs to streak through. (33 attempts for 131 yards rushing, is good, tough running.) It set the tone and backed off the Pittsburgh pass rush.

On the defensive side of things, you really hope Alexander’s shoulder injury isn’t more serious. Green Bay can ill afford to lose him for an extended period of time.

On the positive side, Eric Stokes continues to take steps forward. Called for another bogus defensive pass interference penalty, but his cover ability and willingness to tackle, have shown through the last few games.

The Packers will be tested by young Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals, next Sunday. The week-to-week improvement must continue, if Green Bay wants to leave Cincy with a victory.

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