NFL Playoffs: Packers advance to NFC Championship Game, after defeating the Rams

“You knew the road wouldn’t be easy, but at least it’s in familiar territory.” Image via Packers Facebook.

The Green Bay Packers brought the number 1 offense in the league. The Los Angelos Rams brought the number 1 defense in the league. These ingredients were part of a heavyweight fight in Saturday’s NFL divisional round playoff game, a fight won by the Packers, 32-18.

With the victory, Green Bay advances to their second consecutive NFC Championship game, their first at Lambeau Field since the 2007 season.

Something had to give in a game of teams that boasted top-ranked opposing units. It was the offense of the Packers that dominated the defense of the Rams. Yes, dominated. Green Bay rolled up 484 yards of offense, including 188 rushing yards. This offense did not miss a beat after their bye week.

On the other side of the coin, Green Bay’s defense (ninth-ranked might I add) was equally up to the task. They held the Rams to just 244 yards of offense, 2-for-8 on third down, and just 18 points. This is a unit that has taken a giant leap forward in the second half of the season.

No matter who comes out of the Buccaneers versus Saints playoff game, they will prove to be a tough opponent for Green Bay. You knew the road wouldn’t be easy, but at least it’s in familiar territory.

Everyone sees why quarterback Aaron Rodgers put emphasis on getting the 1-seed. Now with a few thousand Packers fans in the stands, adding that extra bit of “juice”, opponents are once again dreading Lambeau Field in January. Still, the Packers must continue to handle big business. Another opportunity comes next Sunday.

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