NFL: Packers vs. Colts: The Fallout

“The Packers fumbled their chances for a win, not their season.”

The Green Bay Packers came into yesterday’s game versus the Indianapolis Colts, with only 6 turnovers in their first 9 games of the season. They wouldn’t leave that way and took a 34-31 overtime L with them.

Full disclosure: I typically write the Packers Fallout blog piece, the same day as the game. But, I felt I needed to let things cool. I didn’t want to write annoyed. (That always leads to less than smart things being written.) I needed to sleep on it. So here we are.

There is plenty to nitpick at in this game: Matt LaFleur’s decision to pass on 4th and 1, the defense’s continued lack of stopping the run, the continued lack of adjustments defensively. Most glaring, though, were the turnovers committed.

Green Bay turned the ball over 4 times against Indianapolis. A rare interception thrown by Aaron Rodgers and three fumbles, the last of which by Marquez Valdes-Scantling, cost the Packers the game.

It was an uncharacteristic afternoon of ball insecurity by the Packers. Something they could NOT afford, going head up with the top-rated defense in the NFL. Yet, they had a lead, lost it, came back to tie it, and almost pulled off a win, despite the carelessness with the football.

The Packers fumbled their chances for a win, not their season. They have frustrating elements to them, that make you believe they’ll be bounced from the playoffs early. Then they have stellar games where they look every bit of a title contender.

Yesterday’s game wasn’t really who the Packers are. Some of it was, yes, but not all of it. They typically take better care of the football and will in the future. But they also put up 31 points against the number 1 ranked defense in the NFL.

That’s who they are: a potent offensive ball club with a bendable defense. Whether that’s enough come January (if they make postseason) is a story yet to be written.

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