NFL: Green Bay Packers: The Fallout

The Green Bay Packers headed into Week 2’s game versus the Detroit Lions, looking to maintain the dominance they displayed in Week 1. A 42-21 victory on Sunday, says they did just that.

A patchwork offensive line kept Aaron Rodgers on his feet, allowing him to take advantage of a lifeless Detroit defense. (240 yards passing and 2 TDs)

This same offensive line opened running lanes for Packers running backs, all game long. The biggest beneficiary was Aaron Jones. Jones ran for 168 yards with 2 TDs. A 75-yard touchdown run to start the second half, was the longest of his career. Jones added 68 yards receiving with another touchdown, to give him 236 yards of total offense (a career-high) and 3 TDs. Dominance.

The defense held the Lions in relative check, granted they were missing Kenny Golladay who has torched them in the past. Chandon Sullivan’s pick-six was the highlight of those efforts.

Yes, the Packers were dominant, but a much tougher test is coming in the form of the New Orleans Saints, next week on Sunday night. If the Packers are without Kenny Clark, Billy Turner, AND Davante Adams, this test gets even more brutal. Just how real is their dominance of the first two weeks of this season? Week 3’s game will be telling.

Going 16-4 in your last 20 games is nothing to scoff at. Somehow, some way, Green Bay keeps finding a way to get it done. That mentality must continue if they intend on exceeding their goals this season. So far, so good.

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