XFL: Week 3

“The Roughnecks continue to rough teams up.” Image via XFL Instagram.

Week 3 in the XFL brought more intrigue and excitement to the table. Here’s what I saw.

Week 3 Standouts

My standouts this week are in the image above. The Roughnecks continue to rough teams up. PJ Walker and Cam Phillips are two reasons why Houston is the last remaining unbeaten in the XFL. This duo is special and a joy to watch. Not to mention, productive.

Over their last 2 games, Walker and Phillips have hooked up for 257 yards and 6 (!!!) touchdowns. Walker, the front-runner for XFL MVP, leads the league in passing yards and passing touchdowns. Phillips is a league leader as well, with 324 receiving yards through the first 3 weeks. There are some good offenses in the XFL, but there isn’t one quite as explosive (and productive) as the Houston Roughnecks.

Week 3 Puzzler

I’m looking at you, D.C. Defenders. You traveled to the West Coast to face the L.A. Wildcats. The WINLESS Wildcats and you lay an egg. You know what, forget that. You didn’t lay an egg, you got DOGWALKED! (39-9) Now, we have to give the Wildcats some credit. They felt they were close to securing their first win of the season, but just came up short in previous weeks. They didn’t in Week 3. Everything worked. Everything. There will be better days for the Defenders, but this wasn’t one of them.

I said “Week 3 Puzzler”, but I should have said “Puzzlers.” D.C. weren’t the only team that was a mess in Week 3. The New York Guardians quarterback saga, continues.

In Week 2, we saw Matt McGloin and Marquise Williams see game action. Neither of them played all that well, but they saw the field. Fast-forward to Week 3 and things became even messier. McGloin was not effective and left the game with a rib injury. (And he threw another pick. Surprise, surprise.) Williams wasn’t able to move the ball either. (Some of this credit goes to the St. Louis BattleHawks defense.) Enter Luis Perez. Yes, THAT Luis Perez. Formally of the Alliance of American Football’s Birmingham Iron. Laugh if you want, he was the only QB for the Guardians that got the offense into the endzone. (On a touchdown pass.) New York has a full-blown mess at the QB position and it will hold the Guardians back.

Teams continue to morph and find their identity. It has been an interesting watch. I expect more layers to be revealed in Week 4’s action, this weekend.

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