Packers vs. Washington: The Fallout

“The Packers are 10-3, stop being so damn miserable.” Image via Packers Twitter. (@packers)

The Green Bay Packers defeated Washington on Sunday, 20-15. The victory improved their record to 10-3. Green Bay currently sits in 2-seed spot of the NFC Playoff standings. Head Coach Matt LaFleur became the winningest first year head coach in Packers history. So with all this goodwill, why in hell are some Packers fans so miserable?

Sunday’s game was FAR closer than it should have been. It furthered the narrative of the Packers’ struggles on offense. More specifically Aaron Rodgers’ refusal to trust the offensive system. Green Bay had to scrape for 20 points against a game Washington defense, but they won.

The defense for the Packers did what they normally do. (Especially against a gimpy, rookie quarterback.) They dropped the QB multiple times and forced a turnover. They also didn’t handle the run well. (Like I said, they did what they normally do.) Despite that, they only allowed 15 points. More importantly, they won.

Teams are on a journey during the season. The 16 games seems like a sprint from the outside, but it is very much a grind in the locker room. A constant battle to get better and play their best football at the right time. This isn’t something folks outside the locker room understand.

In a world where just about everything is instant, some fans have no patience and completely ignore the results. The Packers are 10-3, stop being so damn miserable. Has the process of getting there been smooth? No. Are there facets of the game the Packers can get better in? Yes. This should be encouraging. Why? They’re 10-3 despite the inconsistencies, with room to improve.

Will Green Bay improve by leaps and bounds at this point in the season? Probably not, they are what they are. They do, however, have time to sure up what they can and get hot. All you have to is get into the tournament, then anything can happen. (The 2010 team can attest to this) The Packers seem to be well on their way to doing that. Stop being the rain on a picnic and embrace it.

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