Bucks vs. Pistons: Game 4

“Not even in 2001 were the Bucks this dominant.” Image via nba.com.

I usually try to give professionals the benefit of the doubt, Milwaukee versus Detroit was no exception. I predicted the Bucks would win the series in 5 games. I also said I wanted a dominant sweep. But me trying to give the benefit of the doubt, I gave the Pistons one game. The Bucks weren’t trying to hear any of that, as they ended the series Monday night, with yet another double digit victory. (127-104) The Bucks have advanced to the second round of the playoffs for the first time since 2001.

2001 has been the measuring stick for many generations of Bucks fans, because it is the most success this squad has had in their lifetime. Until now. Thinking back on that squad, they were an offensive juggernaut. Ray Allen, Glenn Robinson, and Sam Cassell. They were scoring machines and seemed to do it with ease. The thing is, not even in 2001 were the Bucks this dominant.

Not only is this rendition of the Bucks an offensive machine, they are a defensive stall worth to boot. They get it done on both ends of the floor, lead by a legitimate superstar in Giannis. This team is deeper than that 2001 team and maybe any Bucks team ever. They can matchup with anyone.

I bring this up because the fanbase of Milwaukee’s next opponent, the Boston Celtics, seem to think last season’s squad is the one they’ll be seeing this season. (Delusional) Better coach, better Giannis, (not that he was terrible in last year’s playoffs) deeper squad that gets deeper with Brogdon’s return. (Whenever that will be) This ain’t the rudderless squad that you went 7 against, last season.

The euphoria of advancing for the first time in 18 years is great, but this squad isn’t done yet. The Bucks have been historically good all season and in the playoffs. They’ll have to continue to be if they want that O’Brien Trophy. A stiff test in the Celtics is up next. Four down, twelve to go.

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