Bucks vs. Pistons: Game 1

“The dominance carried over from the regular season, to the playoffs.” Image via Bucks Twitter. (@Bucks)

It’s been two days since the Milwaukee Bucks and Detroit Pistons began their first-round NBA Playoffs series. Usually I’m able to write up a recap of what I saw the day after a game. That wasn’t the case this time around and I think I know why.

Usually coming into the playoffs, there are a myriad of concerns and factors headed into a Bucks postseason. After 30 years of relative mediocrity, it’s a difficult proposition to train your brain to understand this isn’t the old “Chase the 8” Bucks. There is not an inept coach holding this team back. No player infighting. No controversy.

The dominance displayed in the regular season was something the likes I’ve never seen from this franchise before. All season long I found myself in awe and speechless at points.

The only worry I had entering the playoffs was answered quickly within the first quarter of Game 1. The dominance carried over from the regular season, to the playoffs. The Bucks won game 1, wire-to-wire, with no resistance from Detroit. Giannis was dominant in limited playing time (24 points, 17 rebounds, in 23 minutes. Sheesh!) as were the rest of the starters for Milwaukee.

Anything is possible in the playoffs, (Ask Golden State about their blown 3-1 lead in the Finals and their blown 31 point lead just last night against the Clippers.) but the Pistons (who will be without Blake Griffin for the duration of the series. Not that it really matters.) putting up much of a fight, isn’t something I see happening.

The Bucks have been the hunters, they are now the hunted. Teams have been giving them their best shot all season. The mentality that made you the only 60-win team in the Association, must be the mentality you have in the playoffs. It appears to be so. One win down, 15 more to go.

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