NCAA: T2’s Bracket of Destiny

“I know Marquette and Wisconsin fans are going to be mad, but this is destiny.”

I’ve had many of you asking about this, so I listened. You wanted it, you got it. T-squared’s Bracket of Destiny is back!

Last year EVERYONE’S bracket was busted thanks to the first ever 1 versus 16 seed upset. (Virginia had a collective sigh of relief after seeing UMBC wasn’t in this year’s field.) This is part of the fun of this. This is the madness we all crave and love. (Unless you have some green on these games. Then it just depends on how mad you went with your predictions.)

If you take a look at my bracket, you’ll see I don’t have either of the Wisconsin based schools advancing in this tournament. I know Marquette and Wisconsin fans are going to be mad, but this is destiny. Marquette is just 5-5 in their last ten games and Wisconsin isn’t much better at 6-4. Neither team is coming into this tournament with much momentum and have drawn tough first round matchups against Murray State and Oregon, respectively. Would I be shocked if they proved me wrong and won their respective games? (Which is what I’m hoping for.) No. Would I be shocked if they both fall in their first game? No.

The important thing to remember is to enjoy this tournament. These young fellas are putting their heart and soul into every possession and that should be celebrated and applauded. I know many of you want office bragging rights, but this isn’t life or death. If your bracket gets slaughtered, enjoy it. If you are spot on with some upsets, enjoy it. If you don’t care, keep that negativity to yourself and let us enjoy our time.

Take a gander at destiny and enjoy the madness!

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