NLCS: Brewers backs against the wall

“Either the Brewers’ bats wake up, or their season gets put to bed.” Photo via Brewers Twitter. (@brewers)

Here we are. Game 6 of NLCS. Most Milwaukee Brewers fans and the Crew themselves thought this would be a close out game for them. Instead it’s a close out game opportunity for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Not how many drew up this series, but this is the situation.

The Crew’s pitching had been good out in LA. (and all series long)I don’t think anyone can argue with a 2.83 ERA so far in the series. It’s the Brewers’ bats thay have grown colder than a Wisconsin winter. Milwaukee is batting a paltry .220 in the series. (Dodgers are worse at .219) If you’re searching for the root cause of this 3-2 series deficit for the Crew, look no further than their bats.

It’s like the Crew aren’t getting on base. For the series they boast a .653 OPS compared to .599 for the Dodgers. Cashing in on the walks and driving in runners in scoring position, tell the whole story for Milwaukee. They simply have not been good.

So, it all comes down this; Brewers need to hit and hit often. Their backs are against the wall. Either the Brewers’ bats wake up or their season gets put to bed.

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