NLCS: Questioned, again

“Stop with the questions and realize this was one hell of a postseason baseball game.” Photo via Brewers Twitter (@brewers)

Game 4 of the NLCS between the Milwaukee Brewers and Los Angeles Dodgers, was a marathon. If you were one of the few who watched every pitch (like myself), you were dragging into work this morning. A 13-inning classic that featured everything a postseason game should. Great pitching, great defense, scoring threats, empty benches (Both in players used and because Manny Machado decided to go full Cobra Kai and sweep Jesus Aguilar’s leg. Bush league antics.), low scoring, drama, and a walk-off to end it. Unfortunately, the Brewers were on the wrong side of this 2-1 loss. Instead of being up 3-1, the series is tied and is now a best-of-three.

You’d think people would appreciate what a hard fought game this was for the Brewers. (Dodger too.) Appreciate what buttons Craig Counsell pressed in an effort to win. They were the right ones, in my opinion. Still, when you lose, people aren’t going to see it that way.

Did Counsell use Domingo Santana too early? (By far their best pinch-hitter and the only source of offense last night.) Why didn’t he use the rookie, Freddy Peralta, to begin with? (3 innings, six strikeouts in relief of Gio Gonzalez who started the game and left in the second inning with a high ankle sprain.) Why burn Josh Hader in a tie ball game? Why not make Orlando Arcia bunt (Brewers have been terrible at bunting all season) with Manny Pina in scoring position? Why pitch Junior Guerra (who was lights out until the 13th inning when he gave up the walk off RBI single to Cody Bellinger) in that spot? Why this? Why that? Why ask why? This is who Counsell is. This is what has brought the Brewers to the dance. You don’t deviate from that.

At the end of the day, this wasn’t about what buttons Counsell pushed. It was about the Crew’s inability to drive home runs with runners in scoring position. It was about two teams, who showed the nation what postseason is all about. (minus Machado’s dumbassery) Stop with the questions and realize this was one hell of a postseason baseball game. Appreciate it. No one said winning the series would be easy. This best-of-seven is now a best-of-three. The Brewers have a tall task against Clayton Kershaw in Game 5. A task they are up to and ready for. No questions asked.

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