NLCS: No time for second guessing the Brewers

“This is how the Brewers got here. They’ve been doing this all year.” Photo via Brewers Twitter. (@brewers)

As I sit here just hours before Game 3 of a tied NLCS, I can’t bit smile yet shake my head. (SMH as the kids say it these days.) The Milwaukee Brewers and Los Angelos Dodgers are tied, yet some people are acting as if the series is over.

Game 1 was everything you wanted in an MLB postseason game. Amazing moments (The Brandon Woodruff homerun off of Clayton Kershaw. I’m still in shock of that pitcher on pitcher crime.), dominant perfromances (thay Brewers bullpen, per the usual), magnified moments (Yasmani Grandal’s multiple errors), and a close ballgame. (Brewers win 6-5, extend their win streak to 12, and all of Milwukee got George Webb burgers because of it. They’re good burgers.)

This isn’t to say Game 2 was any less of a game. It was still pressure packed. Every play, every pitch mattered. The end result for Crew fans everywhere wasn’t what they wanted. Brewers closer Jeremy Jeffress gave up a two-run homerun to Justin Turner (after Corbin Burnes didn’t have the greatest outting on the mound) and Brewers lost 4-3. Winning streak, done. Jeffress, scuffling. Brewers fans and national pundits, overreacting.

All I’ve heard is about how Jeffress doesn’t have it anymore. Craig Counsell’s “overusage” of the bullpen has finally caught up with them. The Dodgers have finally figured the Brewers out. All of this after one loss in a seven game series? Really? Stop it.

This is how the Brewers got here. They’ve been doing this all year. There is no time for second-guessing the methods, especially after they’ve been proven to work. (The Crew have played 168 games this season,including playoffs. They’ve won 100. That’s sufficient enough proof.) Jeffress jas had a tough stretch, all pitchers go through it. Burnes didn’t have Saturday afternoon, but was lights out in Game 1. The Brewers bats weren’t exactly hot in Game 2 either, but were in Game 1.

Situations change evey game. People expecting the Brewers to sweep their way to a World Series, obviuosly don’t understand how good of a team the Dodgers are. (Defending National League Champions) This was always going to be a challenge. As much as you would love for it to happen, you can win every game.

This was just one loss, not the end of the world. The Brewers are not down 2-0 as the series shifts to LA. They are 1-1. This is now a best-of-five. The Brewers are still in this. They haven’t been “figured out”, Jeffress isn’t done, and the bullpen hasn’t been “overused”. (They’ve been used plenty, but not over used.)

Game 3 will give the Brewers an opportunity to get back on track and, hopefully, knock some sense back into some of the fanbase, who’ve seemed to lose a bit of it after Saturday’s loss. As for the national pundits (who most have never seen an inning of Brewers baseball until postseason and it shows.) there’s no hope for them, so don’t hold your breath.

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