Milwaukee Bucks: Brandon Jennings? (!)

Brandon Jennings dropped 16 points, 8 rebounds, and 12 assists off the bench, in his re-debut with the Bucks. Image via Bucks Twitter (@Bucks)


Brandon Jennings has been through much over the last two years. An Achilles injury that derailed arguably his best season as a pro in Detroit, time spent in China to get his game right, which meant a year out of the NBA. Brandon felt he got himself right and made himself available to the NBA G League.

When the Wisconsin Herd announced they were signing Brandon Jennings, many Bucks fans heads exploded. Not in a good way either. In Jennings’s first stint with the Milwaukee Bucks, he had flashes of brilliance that were vastly overshadowed by his immaturity. I had to caution folks, he was NOT being signed by the Bucks, he was being signed by the Herd. Still, people’s biggest fear was Jennings being signed by the parent club, and having a redo of his last stint with the club.

Then March 10th came along and (for some) fan’s worst fears were realized. The ailing Milwaukee Bucks, who were in need of a scoring punch off the bench, signed Brandon Jennings to a 10-day contract. Bucks Fans Twitter was in an upheaval. Every move this franchise has made was brought into question with this decision according to them. It was, quite frankly, embarrassing to see.

I am by no means the biggest Jennings fan. His frantic, out of control, undisciplined, play drove me nuts in his first stint with the Bucks. He was both the cause of and solution to the struggles in the Bucks play back then. Absolutely maddening. It was a lot more of the same in his short stint with the Herd. High volume shooting and erratic decision making with the basketball.  I did see moments of maturity though. So when he was signed to a 10-day contract with the Bucks, I took a let’s see approach.

The Bucks also took the same approach and so far, it’s paid off. 16 points, 8 rebounds, and 12 assists versus the Grizzlies had everyone buzzing about Jennings again. The same people who wanted heads to roll for taking a chance on Jennings, now want the Bucks to sign him for the remainder of the season. (It’s one game against the losers of 18 straight games folks. Impressive for Jennings not having played in the NBA for a year, but let’s not get crazy.)

Is Jennings the glue guy needed for a playoff run? Is he a part of the answer to bolstering the bench until Brogdon returns? Is this a matured, less frantic, smarter Brandon Jennings we will see for the rest of his time here? All questions that need to answered and will possibly have a chance to be answered. Bucks are in a wait to see approach, as should everyone. It’s up to Jennings to force their hand and make heads explode… in a good way.


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