Bucks vs Raptors Game 3: What I saw

bucks 6
The Milwaukee Bucks defense suffocates Jonas Valinciunas of Toronto. Part of the 104-77 dismantling of the Raptors. Bucks now lead the series 2-1. Image via Toronto Sun.

Good Morning. Looks as if some of you have JUST woken up on the Milwaukee Bucks. The amount of DM’s and tweets (@the20double) during last night’s 104-77 dismantling of the Toronto Raptors showed me as much. Don’t worry, I’m not going to name names. While you were waking up, so were the Bucks themselves. This was a performance… no, forget that. This was the eventual reality that always lied dormant in the Bucks. This is what the Bucks wanted to become and they are doing it without one of their great young stars in Jabari Parker. (That’s a scary thought.) A long, suffocating, defensive squad that can stymie the NBA’s best, and can’t wait to run you into the ground with their youth and athleticism. If you happen to stop that, they’ll spread the floor and play the draw and kick game with their much improved three point shooting. This is the vaunted Bucks squad people have been craving. So what did I see? (Besides all of that.) I saw the awakening of a killer instinct.

The Bucks got out to a big lead early. Up 32-12 after the first quarter, they could have easily let the Raptors creep back in it. That’s what we’ve seen from them all season right? Instead of reverting to old habits, the Bucks completely opened up the can and lead this game wire to wire. (Up by 34 points in this game.) They weren’t going to let the Raptors breathe in this game. The foot was on the neck and was never lifted. Think about this; the Indiana Pacer were up 25 points on the defending champion Cleveland Cavaliers in game 3 of their series. LeBron James decided to go off for a 41 point triple double and win the game by his damn self. Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love didn’t play one second in that fourth quarter. NOT ONE SECOND! The Pacers let their foot off the gas against the best player in the world and payed dearly for it. The Bucks would not let the Raptors’ two stars get life and take the game from them. To go up big and want to crush a team wire to wire is the killer instinct people have been wanting and they got it.

I’m not sure if the feat can duplicated in game 4 Saturday. (27 point blowouts don’t grow on trees.) I am sure the Bucks’ game plan and killer instinct can be. This group has set the foundation, now it is time to build. This series is there for the Bucks to take. Show that Fear The Deer is real and a nightmare for all those that oppose.


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