Bucks vs. Raptors Game 1: What I Saw

Bucks 4
Giannis skies to the rim as the Bucks put the hammer down on the Raptors, 97-83, in game 1 of their opening round playoff series. Pic via nba.com

There are many things we saw during game 1 of the Bucks versus Raptors playoff series. The final score was one that raised some eyebrows. Most thought this would be a reverse result in favor of the Raptors. (Stop fronting if you’re one of those people.) We saw a return to the kind of defense the Bucks played in the month of March. (Bucks went 14-4 that month.) We also saw Giannis wake up the nation of people that had been sleeping on him and this Bucks team. (Can you believe there are articles saying Giannis FINALLY arrived as a superstar in this playoff game? How long have you been sleeping? He’s BEEN a superstar.) There is one thing that was lost on almost everyone, except your main man. This young squad, played with poise.

Think about how amazing this is. The Bucks started Malcolm Brogdon (Who should be Rookie of the Year.) and Thon Maker. (Pinkies up for this guy who will be a force in the Association soon.) These guys are rookies folks. ROOKIES! The Bucks came into the weekend playoff tilt with the fourth least experienced playoff team (261 games of playoff experience.) and decided to start two rookies. Not only did those rookies start, they had a major impact on the game. There were times where the Bucks found themselves down in this game and picked themselves right back up. There wasn’t the typical nervousness you see out of a young team when some of them are making their first playoff appearances. No airballs, no high pressure turnovers, no stiff play. Just a team going out there, playing the game as if it was the regular season.

The poise shown by this team was truly something to behold and something to get excited about. If you’re thinking the Bucks are just happy to be in the playoffs, you played yourself. As Malcolm Brogdon stated after the game, “We don’t just want to be in the playoffs, we want to make a run.” With the poise and defense shown in game 1, Fear The Deer season could be on an extended run. At least, that’s what I saw.  

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