T-Squared’s Bracket of Destiny 2017

Painstakingly built for greatness, here is T-Squared’s Bracket of Destiny.

On last night’s Home Court Sports Show (Which you can listen to Wednesday nights at 7pm CT, or anytime on demand on blogtalkradio.com) I was asked about my Final Four teams in this year’s NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. I said you can find it the following morning on TO:SS Nation Media. Here it is folks. Painstakingly built for greatness, this is T-Squared’s Bracket of Destiny.

I’m a firm believer in doing one bracket and entering it into multiple pools. I took time weighing the options of this bracket.I took my love of my Wisconsin teams (Badgers and Marquette) out of the equation. This is based on the eye test. What I’ve seen during the regular season and conference tournaments.I ride until the wheels fall off with my picks, so why do another one?

This truly is  one of my favorite times of the year. This  is the most exciting tournament in sports. Brackets enhance that fun for everyone. So enjoy the tournament and have fun with the brackets. Stay tuned for updates to my bracket. I’m sure there’s going to be a few red lines on them as the tournament goes on.

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